If brands make the store, then Amy's Unique Boutique is the place you need to shop! We carry the following brands at our Bellville location:

The Brighton Difference

Our company prides itself on the "Brighton Difference," which is rooted in the belief that the difference is in the details. Brighton is one of the few design houses where our own designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from concept to fruition. It's a traditional process that has been practiced for centuries - yet the accessories themselves are always fashion-relevant and timeless works of art.

La-Tee-Da! Fragrance for the Home

Many effusion lamp companies have come and gone since we began. It is only through your loyalty and support that we continue to move forward. Every member of La-Tee-Da! is thankful for – and appreciates – your business. Our mission remains the same: La-Tee-Da! wants to offer the best home fragrance products and fragrances we know how to make. Good Quality, fair pricing, and great customer service continues to be our main focus.

Yello Box Shoes

Yellow Box shoes blend current fashion trends into young attitude footwear, with a contemporary flair. A splash of ornamental material, stones and sequins add the embellished look of today's current fashion customer. Offering a line of fabulously embellished flip-flops and sandals, wedges, flats, heels and even boots create looks that blend the best of both worlds: casual and glamorous. Yellow Box shoes always stay on the pulse of what´s going on in the world of fashion, coming up with fun and elegant offerings season after season. Yellow Box shoes prides themselves in being fun, fresh and always first!

Sanuk Footwear

Because "Sanük" is the Thai word for fun, our name is also our mantra. Our goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed footwear for the global outdoor community... mostly because we're part of it.

Zac & Rachel

Zac & Rachel clothing is affordable with an unbeaten quality. Our brand can be found at big chains and boutiques across this great country. From Women's Tops to short to pants Zac & Rachel offers unbeatable quality and keeps you in style.

Umgee USA

Always looking forward, always thinking of our customers and always with excellence in mind, Umgee USA strives to provide our customers with the most professional customer service, exceptional price points and clothing everyone will love and leave customers saying, "That's definitely UMGEE."


Since its beginnings in 2006, MONORENO by Mur has been a collection of inspirational and timeless styles that embrace free-spirited women who are drawn to the brand’s unique aesthetics. With a mixture of vintage and bohemian edge, MONORENO by Mur exceeds the fashion trends with its beautifully crafted clothing, cherishing the bohemian lifestyle and staying true to its traditions.

Ruby Ribbon

Anna Zornosa, founder of Ruby Ribbon, tracked down the best and brightest lingerie, fashion and activewear designers, marrying their skills and learning from each along the way, and helped to create a collection of exciting, new shaping basics that can easily work with any woman’s existing wardrobe.

Grace In LA

Meet Grace, a cool mix of Americana, creativity, and a huge amount of bling makes each piece of our denim collection a work of art. Using innovative embellishments, vintage motifs, and modern washes gives our jeans just the right amount of detail, making them always on trend and a must have wardrobe essential. Who's that in the middle of the crowd? Lights, flashbulbs, starts. It's Grace - ALWAYS DRESSED TO IMPRESS.

Carriage Candle Company

At Carriage Candle Company, our goal is to provide you with “Candles That Warm Your Home and Soothe Your Soul“.